Patron Lord Briggs visits SWLAC session

We were thrilled to welcome Lord Briggs, a Justice of the Supreme Court and SWLAC Patron, and Lady Briggs, to a busy session at South Westminster Legal Advice Centre on Thursday 7th September 2023. The guests met some of our Trustees, legally qualified advisers, and support volunteers (our non- or not yet- qualified voluntary assistants) and (in their words) very much liked what they saw. Lord Briggs said:

“My wife and I were both delighted and humbled to come to yesterday's session of the South Westminster Legal Advice Centre. It was truly uplifting to see so much no doubt excellent advice being delivered in your new, big, humming space, at no cost, to those who could not hope to pay for it, by a whole range of pro bono volunteers from the highly experienced to the newest recruit.

We really do feel that the big open plan space works very well. The atmosphere of serious good legal work in the room can't fail to impress everyone who comes for help, and seeing so many others in the same predicament cannot but help them get over any concerns they may feel about of discussing their private legal problems with a complete stranger.”

SWLAC is hugely grateful to Lord and Lady Briggs for their wonderful ongoing support.