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Our Volunteers

SWLAC is a registered charity, and we rely entirely on the the advice of volunteer lawyers. There is always an experienced Supervising Lawyer (usually a solicitor) who runs the advice sessions.

Our advisers are solicitors and barristers, as well as trainees from both professions (who have done at least 6 months of their training).

Our advisers are from organisations of all sizes, including large City of London solicitors’ firms, medium-sized practices in London and the suburbs, smaller firms, as well as barristers’  chambers. In addition, we have lawyers employed by the Givernment, and others working for corporate bodies. Our advisers include some who live further afield and only advise remotely.

All our lawyers are advising voluntarily and free of charge at the end of their working day. We and our clients owe them a huge debt of gratitude.