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What we do

South Westminster Legal Advice Centre is staffed by volunteers, all of whom are attending unpaid. Most of our lawyers are in full time practice as solicitors and barristers, or working as in-house lawyers for companies or Government departments, with a huge breadth of expertise.

We advise clients as to their legal rights both when a dispute has arisen, and in non-contentious matters. The main legal problems addressed include those relating to housing and landlord and tenant (including relating to leases), employment, divorce, contracts, consumer issues, bankruptcy, wills and succession, personal injury claims and, to a much lesser extent, basic advice on criminal law.

We aim to empower our clients, not to make them dependent on us.  Most clients seek information on their rights, in the light of their current situation.

Our enforced closure during the Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to update how we operate: we have digitised our files and records, and we have of course taken steps to safeguard both clients and volunteers, and to continue to provide a service of quality. Now that we have re-opened for face-to-face consultations, we ask that anyone who has symptoms which might be Covid-19 should please refrain from coming to the Centre – whether as a client or as an adviser – until they have recovered.

We are committed to the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunities, and are keen to ensure that minority groups are aware of, and, we hope, users of the service. Policies to ensure consistent treatment of all minority groups are available for inspection. Wheelchair access is available.

Our Mission

To provide free legal advice to people on low incomes independently, fearlessly, efficiently, and with integrity, but always in a friendly and courteous manner.

Help us to help more people

South Westminster Legal Advice Centre CIO is a charity with extremely limited resources. We are very grateful to our volunteers and to our supporters (including some major and well-regarded law firms) for their assistance, and we encourage firms of solicitors, chambers, and individuals to contact us with a view to helping us.