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Appointment confirmation

Your appointment is now confirmed. You have been sent an email with full details of your booking. If you don’t receive it please check spam or clutter folders, and be sure to add us to your contact list to avoid missing future emails.

Please be sure to attend at the Centre in good time (unless you have potential Covid-19 symptoms, in which case please let us know by e-mail as soon as possible)

Before your appointment, please visit our What to expect page, especially the sections “Help us to help you” and “What to Bring” for suggestions to make your visit go as smoothly as possible.

Please Note: Our volunteers are attending voluntarily and unpaid at the end of their working day. Our appointments are normally 20 – 30 minutes, within the 45 minute appointment slots. We aim to stick to the booked appointment times, but please bear with us if we are running late.