Frequently asked questions

No – many of our clients are from surrounding postcodes and further away.

No – The advice we give is free. We do however request a small donation (£4) when we write a letter or draft a document for you, or for photocopies (30p per sheet). We struggle to pay the running costs of SWLAC, and these donations really help.

The website says that households are classed as being low income if they live on “less than 60% of the UK’s median income”, which means living on less than about £18,000 per year. SWLAC does not means-test, and we are flexible for those in need. We ask people to respect (and not abuse) our service..

No – We are not able to give this sort of advice and suggest that you consult Asylum Aid

No – We are not able to give this sort of advice and suggest that you consult your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB )

Yes – Access to the Abbey Centre is at pavement level and step-free. Most of our advice sessions are on the ground floor, but when we are upstairs, there is a lift.

If you need special assistance, we would request that you tell us in advance, and we will be pleased to help.

The building was sold for re-development, and our lease had come to an end. We are delighted to have found such excellent premises nearby – and still in South Westminster – at the Abbey Centre.

Yes – SWLAC is a registered charity (Number 1180716) which is totally free of any political or governmental influence. We are funded entirely by donations.

Yes – For information about the privacy of your information click here.