Volunteer – lawyers

SWLAC is a registered charity, and we rely entirely on the the advice of volunteer lawyers. It is a friendly and supportive atmosphere. There will always be an experienced Supervising Solicitor who runs the advice sessions.

We welcome solicitors and barristers as well as trainees from both professions who have done at least 6 months of their training. It does not matter if, in your professional practice, you have a speciality of little application to the problems of the man in the street. It is likely that you will know more about contracts and torts and will be able to assist with advice and writing a letter to the counter-party.

What’s in it for you?

All of us lawyers have the good fortune to have had a good education, and to have stimulating work for at least adequate pay. Our clients do not have that good fortune.

Clients come to SWLAC because, for many and various reasons, they are having difficulties in accessing justice: they really need help as to what their rights are in their unique circumstances. Their problem may seem impossible for them, but readily resolvable by you. At the end of an advice session, you will feel fulfilled: you have really made a positive difference to people’s lives.

Attending at the Centre can also be good for your personal confidence and development. It can be sociable – our volunteers may go out for a drink afterwards – and a source of useful professional advice and contacts. It looks great on your CV too (and we are often contacted for references). We are always happy to speak enthusiastically about those we know well – this usually means regular attendance at the Centre for at least 6 months.

Our advisers usually come once per fortnight. But we do understand when work commitments intervene.